Our three dismal jesters of the podcast The Dismal Jesters always enjoy coming up with new hollywood hit feature films. These films tend to star various famous actors and actresses, including the likes of Willem Dafoe and Brendan Fraser.

Feature FilmsEdit

Bleached Butthole's Day OutEdit

A film in which Willem Dafoe and Brendan Fraser play criminal burglers chasing after a disembodied bottom (played by a Flip and Fuck Me toy, cameoing from New Podtoid) as they get into several violent hijinks in the spirit of slepstick. But it's okay, because they're criminals so it's okay to laugh at them getting injured and having misfortune.


  • Willem Dafoe (First appearence: Bleached Butthole's Day Out. Total appearances: 1)
  • Brendan Fraser (First appearence: Bleached Butthole's Day Out. Total appearances: 1)

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