Jim Sterling
is one of the three dismal jesters of The Dismal Jesters.

When not spreading comedy delight with his magical wand of fun, Jim works professionally as a Reviews Editor for The Escapist . Jim is also a YouTube celebrity who tries to pretend he's not a YouTube celebrity by claiming he only has 20,000 subscribers.

Jim has done plenty of different podcasts and have had a lot of different roles throughout the years. He also has a talent for creating amazing characters with his improvisation skills and is open to do voice acting gigs.

Role on The Dismal JestersEdit

On The Dismal JestersJim is the sturdy lead running the show. Similliar to his previous work on New Podtoid, Jim spends a lot of his time sexually objectifying Jonathan Holmes while hoping to trick him into consensual sex, which is definitly different from rape, because Jim doesn't like rape jokes.

Jim's mind is obsessed with an actor Edward James Olmos and he "can't stop thinking about him", so Jim comes up with TV pitches and other ideas for Edward to star in.


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