Jonathan Holmes
 (also known as Boston's Favorite Son) is one of the three dismal jesters of The Dismal Jesters. He fights for the rights of every American man.

Even though Jonathan is the browner, more race-ambigious and sort-of tired jester of the three, he is surprisingly active in his town of Boston, where he is known as Boston's Favorite Son. While his day-job is to be the worlds best psychiatrist and experimental scientist at the local psychiatric hospital, he is known to have done a bunch of other deeds as well.

Jonathan also works as a editor for Destructoid and works on a bunch of video series, as well as his weekly talk-show Sup' Holmes?.

Role on The Dismal JestersEdit

On The Dismal JestersJonathan is constantly sexually objectified by his lovely life-partner Jim Sterling. He also often tries to steer the conversation onto the topic of videogames, despite the podcast obviously being a comedy podcast totally independent from any sort of gaming topic.

Jonathan's other role is that of Freaky Constantina. Although Jonathan has often denied his connection to the elegant damsel, Jim insists that he and Freaky Constantina are one and the same. Freaky Constantina is known for wearing cut-off jean shorts and a mesh tank top, while being where the happening be happening. Freaky Constantina's theme song is Yeah by Usher.

Part-Time JobsEdit

Jonathan has had a bunch of different part-time jobs throughout his life, here are the ones that have been mentioned on the podcast.

Lt. Saucy PortionsEdit

In Episode 1 of The Dismal JestersJonathan was offered the job of Lt. Saucy Portions in order to teach the kids of Boston how to put proper sauce on their food to make it tasty. Jonathan declined the job.

Exotic DancerEdit

In Episode 2 of The Dismal Jesters, Jonathan was offered a new job as his alter-ego Freaky Constantina where he would strip in front of some business men to Usher's hit song, Yeah . Although Jonathan continues to deny that he is indeed Freaky Constantina, we all know better. Jonathan declined the job.

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