In episode 002 of Dismal Jesters Jonathan Holmes outlined 5 of the worst things in the world today these are as follows in decending order of importance:

1.    Getting up early.                                   (the worst)

2.    Watching what you eat.

3.    Hand Jobs

4.    Feeling Discouraged unnecessarily (not good to feel bad about stuff that you did for a bit)

5.    Rim Jobs (mostly thinking about it)         (less worse)

In the episode Jonathan also discusses how these problems are far worse than other issues such as:

1.    Genocide

2.    Darfur

among others. And Jonathan continues to detail on how he is doing his very best to rid the world of the dark scourge of hand jobs forever (god bless and keep him)

But not rim jobs theyre just kind of annoying to think about (don't do it guys, unless your a professional).