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"Ladies and Gentlemen of the great Shattered Assembly. As commander of this frontpage, I am charged with a great many duties. Foremost of these is a- What? What do you mean I'm running out of space? I have a whole speech planned and I- Oh, fine. I'll just slap this newspaper if you won't let me talk! Slap. Slap. Slap."

- Malcolm McDowell, Actor and commander of the Shattered Assembly

What is The Dismal Jesters?
The Dismal Jesters is a "New 52" style reboot of the 2011-2013 run of Podtoid, devoted to the audio-visual exploits of Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman.
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Frontpage Jonathan Quote "One time, I did accidentally pick up someone else's poo. I wonder if you got that on camera."
- Jonathan Holmes, The Dismal Jesters 003

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