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The Man Who Was the Bat

Val Kilmer (The man who was the Bat) is a legendary hollywood actor, second only to Willem Dafoe in his grace. He is most well known for playing Batman in the 1995 smash hit Batman Forever, as well as lending his name to many events and causes related to Jonathan Holmes. 

The Man Who Was the BatEdit


Val Kilmer in his most legendary role.

Val Kilmer is most famous for his portrayl of Batman in the 1995 film Batman Forever. Obviously being the best actor who ever has or ever will play Batman, Val Kilmer uses his dark magic to posses any other actor who is playing Batman, allowing the franchise to not collapse.

Work outside of BatmanEdit

Val Kilmer is also well known for lending his name to events run by Boston's Favorite Son, Jonathan Holmes. Notable events include Val Kilmer's Thanksgiving Showdown (2012), Val Kilmer's Black Dahlia Reveal Showdown (2012), Val Kilmer's Halloween Haunting (2013), and Val Kilmer's Thanksgiving Rockdown (2013). Although Val Kilmer does not always attend the events he lends his name to, he is always there in spirit, for he is The Man Who Was the Bat.

Val Kilmer has also made appearances on Jim Sterling's Youtube channel, mainly in his Saturday Top 10 videos, where Jim reminds the audience of how great Val Kilmer is.